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The Village Wunderkind

Born in a small city outside of Java, this kid got smart by spending too much time on the internet. Excelled in school, landed scholarships, now wants to change Indonesia for the better.

Her startup idea : Edtech, ecommerce, agriculture - anything that helps Indonesia's lower middle class.

Her unfair advantage : Wins all the startup competitions with her touching story.

The Silver Spooner

He's heri to a wealthy business empire, but not quite first in line for the CEO position. He gets a financial cushion to "start up". This should be easy, right?

His startup idea : Something that builds on the resources and connections of the old family business.

His unfair advantage : Already rich and powerful

The Muslim-preneur

She's on a mission to prove to the world muslims are modern, entrepreneurial, and creative.

Her startup idea : Fashion, peer-to-peer-lending, e-healthcare, but for muslims.

Her unfair advantage : Some 1.7 billion people worldwide instantly like her idea.

The Bule Founder

Mostly clueless, the foreign founder won't last long unless he has a strong local network or local spuse who can show him how things really work around here.

His startup idea : Something for rocket internet.

His unfair advantage : White male privilege.

The Third Culture Founder

He attended Jakarta International School, followed by a US Ivy League college. Speaks better English than Indonesian.

His startup idea : Has unicorn potentioal.

His unfair advantage : Gets along well with Silicon Valley VC and has good connections at home.

The Socialista

Very much into fashion and going out to see and be sen, this founder knows what young people like and wants to turn that into a business.

Her startup idea : An app that connects trendy people with trendy people to talk about and buy trendy stuff.

Her unfair advantage : Can pull a crowd.

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